Scars are the primary reason for which a large number of patients seek advise from a plastic surgeon.
Scars can be improved upon and and placed in hidden areas or along the RSTL's (resting skin tension Lines ).
An early or an immature scar is the best to manage by non surgical techniques like the silicon gel sheet or ointment, pressure therapy, Fractional laser.
Intralesional injections of triamcenolone alone or with other agents is the next line of management for hypertrophic scars.
Surgical methods include scar excision, dermabrasion and or overgrafting or tissue expansion and dermarolar therapy.
One must have realistic expectations about the scar revision procedures as scars can be surely improved up on but never be erased.We at Prabhu Clinic evaluate the scar very criticaly and Suggest a appropriate treatment plan to suit the needs and the budget of the patient 


Authorized Smile Train Centre

We are an Authorized Centre for Smile Train Surgeries.
We offer Surgeries for Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate and Secondary deformities free of Cost at WIINS Hospital Kolhapur

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