Rhinoplasty is one of the most technically demanding cosmetic surgeries. It requires anatomical knowledge to fix functional deformities and produce the best-looking nose possible. 'Perfect' noses are acquired, not born with. The goal of nasal surgery is a nose that looks natural and blends harmoniously with the rest of one’s facial structure.

Reshaping of the nose (Rhinoplasty) is one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. One can change the size of the nose, the angle between the nose and upper lip, the shape of the tip or the bridge, or narrow the width of the nostrils. The size of the nose may be increased using bone graft or silicone implants or it may also be reduced. It may also correct birth defects or breathing problems. Patients with cleft lip and palate with nasal deformities can also seek correction. Though Rhinoplasty can be done at any age, teenagers are best treated after their growth spurt, around the age of 16-17 years for girls and 17-18 years for boys.  

Some of the indications that you may be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty are:
  • The nose appears too large for ones face.
  • There is a bump on the nasal bridge when viewed in profile.
  • Nose seems too wide when viewed from the front.
  • The nasal tip droops or plunges.
  • The tip is thickened or enlarged.
  • Nostrils are excessively flared.
  • Nose is off-centre or crooked / depressed (Saddle Nose).
  • Previous injury has made ones nose asymmetrical.

Occasionally your surgeon may suggest other surgical correction to improve facial balance and harmony , for example, chin reshaping. Breathing problems if any can be corrected at the time of Rhinoplasty


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