Pressure Sores


Prolonged pressure on a particular skin region results in the breakdown and wound or ulcer formation. Such chronic ulcers are commonly seen in spine injuries when the patient is unable to move on his own. Areas of bony prominence like lower back (Sacrum, ischium), upper outer thigh region (trochanter), etc. are involved. Reconstructive plastic surgery by skin grafting or skin flaps is done.

Results of the surgery:
Surgery is done to remove all the dead tissues and resurface the raw area with good quality skin cover. Majority of ulcers heal after the surgery. Recurrence of lesion is there if effective measures are not taken to prevent prolonged presure.
we have active collaboration with Helpers of Handicapped a NGO dealing with the problems of physically challanged individuals and have conducted educational activities awareness programs and reconstructive surgery for treatment of multiple bedsores in individuals who then can be rehabilitated back in society


Authorized Smile Train Centre

We are an Authorized Centre for Smile Train Surgeries.
We offer Surgeries for Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate and Secondary deformities free of Cost at WIINS Hospital Kolhapur

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