CO2 Laser



The CO2 laser system can be used in several ways: "focused" for cutting skin without bleeding; "defocused" for superficially vaporizing skin; and "Super pulsed" for facial resurfacing. By delivering very powerful, rapid pulsing or scanning of the latest generation of CO2 lasers, dermatologic surgeons are able to resurface the skin for cosmetic improvement. This technique removes fine lines and wrinkles of the face, smoothes acne scars, and rejuvenates aging and sun-damaged skin as it contours the skin surface.
When the CO2 laser's energy is defocused and not continuous (pulsed), the Plastic surgeon can treat warts, shallow tumors and certain precancerous conditions.
When the CO2 laser energy is continuous and focused into a small spot of light, the beam is able to cut the skin. It is used in this way to remove skin cancers, to treat a variety of nonvascular and pigmented lesions and for eyelid operations. This technique is also used to remove warts and for some surgical incisions.
CO2 laser used in the office setting to treat many facial lesions. It is used post dermabrasion to achieve skin tightening. To manage warts, corns it is also used to manage keloids haemangiomas etc.
Fractional Co2 is the new less invasive way of Treatment with CO2 laser and is very good for management of Scars of all types and for rejuvenation purposes.
Prabhu Clinic has acquired the latest fractional CO2 laser from Dana Korea and the results have been simply amazing.



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