Injuries to Limbs


Injury to the upper or the lower limbs especially when associated with loss of skin and soft tissue coverings with or without bony fractures require attention of plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons closely collaborate with orthopaedic colleagues in managing such complex injuries which may even require repair of skin muscles nerves tendons and sometimes even require a complex vascular repair.

Results of the surgery:
Skin coverage in severe limb trauma can save the limbs from possible amputation. The bone surgeon can perform immediate fixing procedures after plastic surgeon can assure soft tissue coverage to the exposed bone.

Simple household cuts to hand and fingers. Finger tip injuries, injuries to the tendons, nerves, blood vessels and skin loss. Industrial crushing injuries associated with fractures of the bones, severe skin damage or a totally mangled hand require plastic surgery intervention.

Results of the surgery:
Primary intervention by a plastic surgeon enables immediate skin and soft tissue coverage and repair of all-important structures. This helps to salvage the damaged fingers or the hand. The main aim is to restore an functioning hand.


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